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Our Previous Works

Our work mainly consists of ; Very dusty, refurbishments, extensions & new builds, so our photo inventory is quite small! Below are some favourites of ours that are inventive, unique, and quite possibly outrageous!

Dark Stairs?

Work carried out September 2017.

Customer asked if there was any way of lighting up dark stairs. Being a townhouse, there were no windows close to the stairs, and no real lighting near either! The customer asked what we could do, so this was a little inventive of us.

LED (RGB) High quality strip, complete with remote.

Countless different functions on the remote, with various static colours, 'Slo Glow', 'Chase' or 'Strobe' function. LED Strip can also be dimmed using the remote, for the 'not so in-your-face' lighting.

Customer was very impressed with the work, and once it's turned off, it's invisible!

AJS Electrical 1.jpg


Bad Planning?

Work carried out October 2017.

Customer got in touch with us about a switch that had been bugging him since he moved in. Switch was for the dining room light, but unaccessable when the doors from the lounge to the diner were open.

Result: AJS Electrical installed a new switch on the other side of the wall in the lounge as well as the switch already in the dining room, both working 2 way with each other.

No making good, minimal mess, anything similar, please get in touch with us!

AJS Electrical 2.jpg
Switch Behind Doors
Back box sunk
Additional switch


Bespoke wardrobes? Bespoke lighting!

Work carried out October 2017.

Customer asked what we could do in terms of lighting up a 'made to fit' wardrobe that had been fitted in the bedroom.

Result: White LED strip mounted on the shelving units & the main wardrobe clothes rail, all operated from pressure switches on the sliding doors of the wardrobe.

Slide the door open, It's lit.

Slide the door shut, It's dark.

Bespoke wardrobes? Bespoke lighting!

AJS Electrical 3.jpg


Unique Shed Install

Work carried out November 2018.

A unique shed install we've been working on, with remote controlled multi-coloured LED strip, wooden switches and sockets and timer controlled outside lighting. This shed is currently used as a bar, with all required power and heating for guests. More recently a 3D window was installed with LED Strip to light the window, the results were outstanding, images don't do it justice!

Anything similar, please get in touch with us.

Chris lodge shed combined.jpg


'Can you make this work again?'

Work carried out December 2018.

Customer wanted an old 1950's petrol pump bringing back to life as well as a few other outdoor lights fitted. This job was special to Alex @ AJS Electrical, as the petrol pump used to belong to his grandad before he passed, so this one was all the more special. We managed to get the petrol pump back to it's former glory, controlled by remote timer switch, also installed a couple of spike lights to light up the palm trees, and a 'rustic' bulkhead fitting fitted to the shed.

Lodge front of house 2 edited.jpg


Unique Waterfall Installation

Work carried out November 2019.

A pleasure to do some work on something very one-off.

A Uniquely manufactured rocky water feature, featuring waterproof under water spotlights, and up lighting to the rear of the feature to set off the palms at dusk.

All lights, pumps and filtration systems controlled by remote timer switch, to operate daily.

Other jobs also not seen in this image include installation of large filters, UV lighting for filtration, pump wiring, and a floating cleaner.

Wollaston Water feature.jpg
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