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Domestic, commercial and industrial Electrical Installation Condition Report

AJS Electrical are NICEIC Approved contractors, meaning we can sign off any electrical installation.

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial electrical installations, landlord reports, periodic reports.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

An electrical wiring installation may have passed its initial inspection and tests when installed, faults may develop over a period of time, or, it may not comply with the more recent regulations since these are regularly updated to take into account technological developments and increasing standards. 

Why do electrical installations need periodic testing?

  • To protect people from the effects of electric shocks and burns.

  • To prevent potential fire hazards caused by a defect in the installation.

  • To check that the installation has not become unsafe over time.

  • To meet insurance company requirements.

Electrical Installation reports provide re-assurance that all installed electrical circuits are safe and more importantly you are providing a safe environment for the tenant or occupier.

Electrical Installation reports are a requirement of BS7671 on all installations. They are a full safety inspection of each circuit of the electrical installation.

AJS Electrical carries out tests that include:

  • A visual Inspection of all accessible accessories. Common faults include cracked or broken socket fronts.

  • Continuity.

  • Polarity.

  • Full RCD Test.

  • A check of the complete earthing system of the installation.

  • The tests are made in accordance with latest regulations to help prevent the risk of electrical shock & fire.

  • A full satisfactory or unsatisfactory condition report is issued to the client with details of the circuits which have been examined in conjunction with a report on any observations and recommendations.

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